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RTA Carpool & Rideshare

RTA has established hundreds of carpools throughout the region. Carpoolers either share driving responsibilities or designate one driver and pay a determined fare each month. Carpoolers can take advantage of the HOV lanes. The Regional Transportation Authority maintains a database of commuters located throughout Middle Tennessee who are interested in carpools. Use our convenient Rideshare Program network database to find commuters with similar commute routes and work hours.

As part of a regular carpool, commuters can:

  • Rotate drivers
  • Host a carpool
  • Pay one driver a monthly fee based on the number of people in the carpool

Determine the specifics of your route, departure times and other details with your individual commuter group.

Convenient Park-and-Ride lots are located throughout the region.

As a regular carpooler, you qualify for the Emergency Ride Home program, which gets you home in an emergency, due to illness, or if you unexpectedly have to work late.

For more information on finding a carpool, call (615) 862-8833.

Rideshare Program
Computerized ridematching is just one of the many features of the RTA Rideshare program. RTA maintains a database of over 3,000 ridesharers in Middle Tennessee. With simple commute information, new riders are matched to a convenient carpool, vanpool or bus route. Ridesharers can take advantage of HOV lanes.

If you are interested in carpooling or vanpooling, but don't know anyone with whom to share the ride, we can help. With a click, you can access and sign up with our web-based Rideshare Database to assist you in finding a match with a current carpool or vanpool available in your area.

If you prefer to submit your request by mail or fax, you may download a printable (pdf) version of a Rideshare request application form which should be completely filled out and mailed to:

Regional Transportation Authority
Rideshare Coordinator
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville, TN 37115

or faxed to: (615) 862-6208, Attention: Rideshare

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