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       RTA Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Stephen G. Bland
Email: steve.bland@nashville.gov

Lending leadership expertise from transit systems both large and small, Steve views his primary purpose as chief executive officer of WeGo Public Transit and the Regional Transportation Authority to be a steadfast steward of the greater Nashville community. He is honored to serve as an advocate for the system becoming an even more gratifying part of the lives of current riders and an appealing consideration for future travelers.

Steve believes providing safe and efficient transit is an essential public service for growing cities and is committed to ensuring WeGo's service continues to rise at every level. He's happy to be at the helm of making positive changes for Nashville, to be living in a city where he and his wife can dine at amazing restaurants and where he can continue to work on his admittedly rather bad golf game.

Chief Financial Officer
Edward W. Oliphant
Email: ed.oliphant@nashville.gov

Edward W. Oliphant brings more than 35 years of accounting and budgeting expertise to his chief financial officer role at WeGo Public Transit in Nashville and the Regional Transportation Authority. He has lived in the area long enough to have watched our region grow into a highly desirable destination and is excited to use his post to further enhance transit opportunities for all.

As a certified public accountant and citizen of our community, Ed gives credence to the power a fiscally healthy transit system has to offer enriching experiences for people from every socioeconomic group and corner of the city. As a self-professed food and entertainment aficionado, he loves that many of Nashville's hidden gems can be found just steps away from a bus stop.

Chief Operating Officer
India Birdsong
Email: india.birdsong@nashville.gov

India Birdsong's passion for transit was ignited when she first used public transportation as her primary mode of travel while living in Chicago. As chief operating officer of WeGo Public Transit and the Regional Transportation Authority, she is responsible for all bus and rail operations, including maintenance, improvement and supporting the system's 25-year growth plan.

India's commitment to making Nashville public transit a vital part of our growing city extends beyond her role to active participation in several industry organizations, including the American Public Transportation Association, Transit Cooperative Research Program, and Conference of Minority Transportation Officials.

She counts connecting with Nashville families as one of the great joys of her job and is proud that she's often mistaken for a bus driver while out in the community speaking with riders. She is equally proud to be proficient in Spanish and in her ability to find all the very best food trucks in Nashville.

Chief Administrative Officer
Rita Roberts-Turner
Email: rita.roberts-turner@nashville.gov

Rita Roberts-Turner's enthusiasm for transit was solidified years ago when she took her son Downtown by bus for the first time and watched as he reveled in the new experience. She now calls upon his childhood wonder and her years of law and city government expertise to inform her post as the chief administrative officer of WeGo Public Transit in Nashville and the Regional Transportation Authority. Her keen insights as a native Nashvillian and long-time bus rider make her uniquely prepared to achieve her goal to make our communities "as awesome as possible" while handling continuity planning, procurement, human resources, legal affairs, information technology, security and training.

Rita is a huge fan of Nashville's small-town-in-a-big-city vibe, cheering for her sons on the football field and Golden State Warriors basketball.

Chief Development Officer
Julie E. Timm
Email: julie.timm@nashville.gov

When Julie E. Timm was a child, her mother encouraged her to first look for her own solution to a problem, then find equally valuable ways others might solve that same problem. This teaching remains embedded in her approach to her role as chief development officer of WeGo Public Transit in Nashville and the Regional Transportation Authority. As a communicator and connector, her purpose is to take existing systems, further develop them for smooth implementation in the future and look for opportunities to make them better for communities along the way. While she is a staunch supporter of what she calls a transit lifestyle, she admits it's not for everyone.

Julie finds opportunity in differences and loves the diversity that our community offers. After living here for only two years, she'll tell you she appreciates everything about Nashville. Everything, that is, except the pollen.

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